David Begbie

1955 Born Edinburgh, Scotland.
1975 Winchester School of Art, England
1977 Gloucestershire,
College of Art and Design
(BA Hons), Cheltenham, England
1980 The Slade School of Sculpture.
Post Graduate (H.D.F.A.),
University College, London
1993 Associate of the Royal Society of
British Sculptors (a.r.b.s.)

David Begbie discovered the particular properties of steelmesh as an art student in 1977. Since then his work has been exhibited globally and has been an
enormous inspiration to many people, including architects, designers, photographers, world of theatre and dance and collectors as well as to other artists and
his work has been imitated and copied worldwide. He is the master of his medium and his work speaks for itself.
The mesh is transparent – 90% thin air, yet it has as a much greater physical presence than any conventional solid form. Begbie’s skill, perception,
understanding and imagination are succinctly and economically contained within the confines of the simple shell that constitutes his sculpture.
Look again closely and you see that there is not even a skin, only a graphic delineation of one. In relation to the space it occupies, the catalytic effect a Begbie
sculpture has, in any setting, given that it has no palpable substance or surface, is phenomenal.
The introduction of strategic lighting as an integral part of a particular composition has the most remarkable result where the combination of two and three
dimensions, with the use of projected shadows, produces an optical fusion of image and object.
The preoccupation with the human form as his subject stems from an early age, the fascination for reproducing figurative bodies in steelmesh has developed
extensively. David Begbie achieves fine sculpting detail of musculature and an aesthetic completness of human form which has even been compared to
Michelangelo and particular Rodin, even though his subject is often that of the partial or truncated figure.
The real thrill of Begbie’s work is the experience of seeing it ”in the flesh”, the sculpted bodies are powerful, erotic, tactile, and intimate. For the viewer the
steelmesh material adds intrigue yet is somehow familiar; when you first experience Begbie’s bodies you are curious to know how the perfection of form is
achieved. On looking further you become familiar with the properties of the medium – the wire mesh creates a liveliness and sense of movement that is further
enhanced by the use of shadow play with lighting. You have to touch a Begbie to make sure it does.
“Each work is an entity which has a far greater physical presence than any solid object could possibly have because it has the power to suggest that it doesn’t exist.”


Winter Pride, Tobacco Dock, London
‘5 SCULPTORS’, Albemarle Gallery, London
‘Cork Street Open Exhibition‘, London
‘Outside the White Cube‘, London
‘Marriott Burns Night Ball 2012’ (Donation)
Plateaux Gallery, London
HUS Gallery Knightsbridge, London
Gallery Tanner and Lawson, London
Woolff Gallery, London

‘Figuratively Speaking‘‚ Byard Art, Cambridge
Hannah Peschar Gallery & Sculpture Garden, Surrey
‘Captured‘ Portrait Sculpture, Sculpt Gallery, Essex
‘London Boat Show 2013‘ ‘Fine Art Sails‘, London Excel
The Berkeley Gallery, Hertfordshire
‘Edinburgh Art Fair 2012‘, Number Nine The Gallery, Scotland
‘Art Cheshire 2012‘, Number Nine The Gallery, Scotland
Artparks International, Guernsey
‘Woman Past & Present’, Sculpt Gallery, Essex
Number Nine the Gallery, Birmingham
Somerville Gallery, Plymouth

‘Inauguration’ OPIOM Gallery, near Cannes, France, Sep 2013
‘Galleri New Form, Trelleborg, Sweden
‘Minerva Art&Design, Malmö, Sweden
‘Art Nocturne 2013’, Van Loon Galleries, Knocke, Belgium
‘nyb12’ (Sculpture Network) Hauset, Belgium
Van Loon Galleries, Netherlands
‘Biennale Vught‘ 2013, Gallery Van Loon Galleries, Netherlands
‘Real Is Me‘ 2013, Gallery Van Loon Galleries, Amsterdam, Netherlands
‘Biennale Brabant‘, Gallery Van Loon Galleries, Tilburg, Netherlands
‘BLOOOM – The converging Art Show‘, Cologne, Galerie Irrgang, Germany
Galerie Irrgang, Leipzig+Berlin, Germany
HUS Gallery Gstaad, Switzerland
‘Summer Exhibition‘, Hotel Linde, Maria Wörth, Austria
‘ArtCatto‘, Algarve, Portugal
‘Timeless Gallery‘, Puerto Banús, Marbella, Spain
Ana Mercader Gallery, Almeria and Madrid, Spain
Vecchiato Art Galleries: Padua, Pietrasanta and Milan, Italy
‘Summer Salon Show 2013’ , Rarity Gallery, Mykonos

The Hooke Sculpture Gallery, Sag Harbor, New York
Global Art, Miami

‘Toronto International Art Fair‘, Elliott-Louis-Gallery
‘Expanding Horizons‘, Elliott Louis Gallery Canadian Fine Art, Vancouver

‘Affordable Artfair Hong Kong 2014‘, Opiom
Urban Planning Museum, 2014, Shanghai
‘Affordable Artfair Hong Kong 2013‘, Ode to Art
‘Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair‘, Van Loon Galleries
Ode to Art, Singapore

Denise Salvestro Fine Art (Cons), Sydney



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